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Handan Xinniu Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. was re-established on the basis of the restructuring of the original Handan Golden Lion Cotton Machinery Co., Ltd. The company gathered technical experts, sales and production backbones with rich experience in the cotton processing industry of the original enterprise, adopted a modern joint-stock structure, and relied on advanced technical equipment and process innovation to improve product quality. In terms of management, we draw on the practical and innovative concept of private enterprises, technically meet the lint quality requirements of the standard textile industry, and inherit the design concept of improving cotton processing quality and making cotton create greater value; In terms of product marketing, we provide customers with solutions for cotton processing, and provide honest and trustworthy services to customers to satisfy them; In production, we strictly control the product quality, have a perfect quality assurance system and testing means, and strive for perfection to provide reliable products for users.

An enterprise with profound cotton processing design, production details and technology deposits will work together with cotton processing peers in a new way to comprehensively improve the cotton processing technology level and make greater contributions to the society.




  • Technology inheritance

    The company has 70 years of experience in the design of cotton processing machinery, making contributions to the localization of machine picked cotton processing.
  • Pursue excellence

    The company carries forward the spirit of craftsmanship, develops and innovates, and practically provides users with new technologies and new products suitable for China's national conditions.
  • Quality assurance

    Quality is the foundation for the long-term survival of the enterprise. Quality is my foundation and I am proud of quality.
  • Service system

    The beginning of service is the beginning of sales. To satisfy customers is our service tenet.

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